The IPA is the worldwide first eLearning platform for dentists and dental technicians in the area of implant prosthetics

New ways. Better results. More yield.

DocuCast –The new format for success

The Implant Prosthetics Academy allows you access to expert knowledge and practical examples in a completely new quality. These DocuCasts are elaborate documentation combined with the latest technology.

You get to know the latest implant prosthetic processes. As step by step documentation, and with references to possible sources of errors, you receive a “visual database” of the highest quality.

The story of the Implant Prosthetics Academy (IPA)

Many dentists are still working with traditional treatment concepts, according to statutory health insurance guidelines, and achieve thoroughly acceptable results, also in cooperation with their technical partners. But all other dental practices also offer standard concepts. This means price pressure, because statutory health insurance services are very comparable. And abroad, comparable quality is offered at half the price …

With the milestone “Heidelberg immediate restoration concept”, implement an excellent solution for immediate restoration. All Advantages …

The tried and tested concepts of the Implant Prosthetics Academy, continually further developed by experts, offer an excellent foundation to build on, and for further development …

Get to know the most innovative ways and break through to new dimensions. The 10 most important, innovative technical concepts for you …

The IPA (Implant-Prosthetics-Academy) forms a continually growing knowledge database, with its cutting-edge topics, and content continually oriented towards the needs of daily practice …

Who is the IPA for?

The Implant Prosthetics Academy offers ambitious dentists and their technical teams access to expertise and exclusive documentation, in the area of implant prosthetics, in a completely new way. Therefore, it gives you the opportunity to open up additional sources of income via world-class concepts. With the new DocuCast format developed for the academy, you receive a very valuable “visual database” which supports you in daily practice. So, it supplements the usual curricula and lectures with additional practical knowledge, and experience from top experts.

What makes the IPA special?

The IPA uses unique, exclusive documentation. Through the involvement of worldwide recognised experts, and experience from over 30 years of practice, a knowledge and experience base has been created, which has now been made available. The DocuCast format is innovative and very user-friendly. It supports day-to-day work and continual training and further training, and cooperation with your technical team on site.

The brains behind the IPA

Wolfgang Bollack

Wolfgang Bollack is a master dental technician and innovator in implant prosthetics with over 30 years of professional experience.

As a passionate technician and innovator, he drives forward the continual further development of implant prosthetics, particularly from the point of view of dentist and patient needs.

Wolfgang Bollack is a pioneer in 3D implant planning and template technology, and manages one of the leading dental technician laboratories in Germany, with technically ground-breaking prosthetics concepts.

In close partnership with…

Dr. Jörg Schmoll

Dr. Jörg Schmoll is a leading implantologist with the specialist fields of computer-aided, minimally invasive implantology complete provisionals, and jaw and oral surgery operations. With over 30 years of experience, thousands of implants placed, and his specialist knowledge of dental prosthetics, he is an excellent expert to assist the IPA.

As an idea generator and innovator, Dr. Schmoll has significantly characterized the procedures presented in the IPA, and contributes to its continual further development. Dr. Schmoll runs a large dental – oral surgery community practice in …

Dr. Marius Steigmann

Dr. Marius Steigmann is a worldwide renowned expert for implantology, and is particularly dedicated to innovations in the area of hard tissue and soft tissue management and aesthetics. The Steigmann-Institute founded by him has trained dentists all over the world since 2006, and is the worldwide leader in teaching innovative techniques of implantology.

Dr. Steigmann is an internationally sought-after speaker, guest professor and lecturer at numerous universities. He is one of the most published specialist authors worldwide, and is involved in leading functions in numerous national and …

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